Erica Andersen's Portfolio | A little passion, a lot of creative energy and a teensy bit of sparkle...
I create digital platforms for businesses and individuals to evoke memorable experiences.
Erica Andersen, Brand Strategist, Web Developer, Web Designer, User Experience, User Interface, Creative, Design, Washington D.C.
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Who is Erica Andersen?

I was born and raised in the D.C. suburbs with a curiosity for anything and everything. As a Brand Manager turned Full Stack Web Developer, I help create digital platforms for businesses and individuals that evoke memorable experiences. Aside from the people in my life, I cannot live without my planner, the September issue of Vogue and a smile. It’s how I live my life day to day but more importantly, what I can bring to you. It’s nice to meet you.

Visual Design

In 2012, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Mass Communications, Creative Advertising and started my first job as a Graphic Designer at a boutique luxury invitation company. Quickly, my organization, attention to detail and understanding of the industry led to my position as the director who created the overall design and development of all print based and web based layouts.

Industry Research

After two years with the luxury invitation company, my position shifted to the overseer and developer of all messages (print based, web based and social) that our brand was delivering. By taking on a role that involved hands-on research, I was better able to deliver messages that created an emotional connection between our products and customers that ultimately attracted and retained customers.

Technology Lead

I’ve been interested in technology for as long as I can remember. Since I naturally enjoy figuring out how things work I’m often pulled as the technical reference in a work environment. If I’m asked how to do something that I don’t know (yet), I use open resources to find a solution. In both companies that I worked for I ultimately took on development positions to rebrand their current websites and develop their first e-commerce websites.


My Product Process

Brainstorming & Ideas

Every product begins with an idea and I believe in the importance of coming up with a well thought out one before moving forward.

Concept & Design

After coming up with an idea it’s time to map it out. Who are the users? What UI form should be considered first? These questions need conceptual answers and rough design sketches.


While designs are being finalized, a main development direction should be decided on. A database should be decided on and Front-End functionality can start coming to life.

Marketing & Social

Finally, a product needs to reach it’s user. Coming up with strategic campaigns print based, web based and socially based are vital to the success of a product.

Design Toolbelt

Professional Design Experience: 4 years

InDesign Skills0
Photoshop Skills0
Illustrator Skills0

Development Toolbelt

Professional Development Experience: 2 years

HTML Skills0
CSS Skills0
Javascript (and jQuery) Skills0
Ruby on Rails Skills0

Web Based

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress, Express.js (on Node.js), Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Constant Contact, Mailchimp and GitHub

In Branding / Web Based

Urban Zen by Donna Karan Website

In Web Based Web Application

In Branding / Web Based

Traversd Web Application

In Branding / Web Based

The Dandelion Patch Website


Print Based

Technologies used: Adobe Creative Suite 5+ (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop), PrintingPress Pro Extreme, Large Scale Laser/Inkjet Printers and 3rd Party Print Services

In Print Based

The Dandelion Patch feature in The Scout Guide

In Branding / Print Based

The Dandelion Patch Branding

In Branding / Print Based

Westwood Country Club Branding

In Branding / Print Based

Personal Branding


Pushing Six Snapshot

Selectively different but almost exactly the same, Erica and Gabi began the blog Pushing Six as a way to document their everyday activities and explorations throughout D.C. and New York City. Erica, a tech savvy sophisticate with a closet full of neutrals, has a knack for quality and design and her work as well as her look are never short of pristine. Gabi, who values comfort over everything when it comes to her wardrobe, also has a penchant for prints and love for black, which keeps her a bit all over the fashion map. Creative and always on the go, she’s constantly on the prowl for the next best thing. Coincidently and genetically inclined in the height department, they both share a love for culture, carbs, design and desserts and together they make Pushing Six.


How & Where to Say Hello


1133 15th St NW,

Washington, DC 20005